6 Ways You Give Yourself Away in a Poker Game

6 Ways You Give Yourself Away in a Poker Game 

When you are playing a poker game it can be tempting to wish for a pair of X-ray glasses, or a special mirror that shows you your opponents’ hand. Or even that camera they use at televised poker tournaments to show the audience what is going on. But this is, of course, not possible. And you may be surprised to learn that you don’t even need these devices. When you focus on the subtle tells you and others give away, you get a boost and a bigger chance of winning the poker games you enter. Take a close look at yourself and watch out if you are doing these six things to give away your hand:poker-game

  1. The Way You Stack Your Chips

Keep your chips neat and ordered in uniform piles and people assume you are a conservative player, not going to take many risks. On the other hand, if your chips are disorganised and all over the table, you are probably going to vary your play and take bigger risks.

  1. You Act Nervous

When you have a strong hand you often unconsciously tense your body, lean forward, and act nervous. Sometimes these actions are carried out on purpose to try and distract people from the actual hand you have. Acting nervous at a critical point is usually a sign that you have a strong hand.


  1. Your Breathing Gives You Away

When you breathe more shallowly, or you are consciously trying to stop yourself breathing loudly, others may interpret this as having a weak hand. Any change in breathing, which is largely unconscious, can be a sign of a strong or weak hand. You may not be able to fully control your breathing but you can prevent it from being noticeable to other players.

  1. You Put Your Hand Over Your Mouth

When someone does this they almost always have a bad hand in Poker, and they are consciously or unconsciously covering their mouth so they do not betray this fact. It is also usually a sign of a poor hand when a person cannot look another in the eye.

  1. You Look At Your Chips

This is usually an unconscious tell but when you look at your chips and then look away, you are giving a signal that you are ready to bet. It also is noticeable when you look at an opponent’s chips and then look away.

  1. You Are Too Nice

Acting too friendly to an opponent after he bets is probably an indication that you don’t want them to challenge you, and on the other hand if you become more unfriendly you are looking for the other person to challenge your bets.

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