How to build a strong relationship during fun on bed

Commonly we are hearing that we could be having better relationship, better orgasm, or better sex. This is not easy to make fun time memorable because many of us are not aware about how to build a strong relationship while fun on bed with Escorts in delhi. If you searching for the answer of this question then end your search here and have a look on the points to remember during intimate.

Play with your senses and make proper eye contact

It is the better way to brainstorm changes in your fun life on bed. Most of the time your eye contact or we can say that your sight plays an important role while you are being intimate. Or you try to have sex with the lights off, lights on or with the candlelight only. Keep your eyes open because closed eyes give the wrong message. You can also try talking dirty to each other, during the deed or before the intimate you can watch porn. Create an environment like a sizzling party with your sense of smell with a musky candle and pay attention to your partner’s body and start kissing deeply and slowly. To include your sense try touching each other using unmatched textures like soft feathers, fuzzy scarves or silk ties.  Make you escort companion lusty by doing all these.

Avoid certain things

It is also suggested way to get back the passion into your bedroom. In this way, you need to avoid some of your old standby activities for a small time period. Do not try the general position and avoid the things that can make you come easily. Feel unique and super sexy and avoid the certain things that are forbidden.

Give complements

As all we know that it is very common for all the girls that want to hear complements from their partner especially when we talk about Independent escorts in Goa. She know that what you think about her beauty and body but if you express your thinking in your words then it will be beneficial to make her happy and all these complements also make her your true partner emotionally and physically attractive. Also this will assist your partner to feel warmer for you.

Touch each other

Flirting with her and touching her hands is not only for twosomes with a new partner even it can make a sealed relationship for ling run. As the expert says all these non sexual intimacy and moments build a base for sexual desire. For 20 seconds try to hug each other, it boost up the oxytocin (Cuddle Hormone) levels of women.

Ask for her advice and show your sexual fantasy

Try to boost an ego of your partner on bed it shows that you respect her. All the time you need to take her advice on intimacy. It will enhance your love and attraction towards them. Provide a feeling to luxury escorts that she is an important person for fun time will lead to an amazing and favourable outcome. Reveal and express sexual fantasy towards her this can make her moves sexy and fresh.

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