The first WSOP team tournament

Recently in an interview on the French radio broadcast RMC Poker Show WSOP director of the Caesars Entertainment’s, Gregory Shoshone, said that the schedule of events WSOP 2016 team tournaments will appear again.

Despite the fact that the details of the news is not yet known, however, in poker circles for walks unofficial information that the teams in the tournament will include 2 to 4 players, each of which will have to pay an entrance fee in 1000 dollars. USA.

This news greatly excited the poker community since the last similar event at the WSOP was carried out 33 years ago. Team tournaments in 7-Card Stud entered the WSOP schedule in 1979, when the legendary Doyle Brunson joined forces with Darla Brodie to win 1 of 10 of their championship gold WSOP bracelet.

And with new games released each month, there is always more reason to keep coming back and checking out the latest developments.In those days, the WSOP attendance was significantly lower than the present, and therefore for the tournament with a buy-in of $ 600. first prize in 4500 dollars. It was quite common. In 1980, the first and only (so far) just held No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Mixed Doubles tournament with a buy-in of $ 600, which was won by the players duet. AJ Meyers and Lynn Harvey, each of which received a 7380 dollars. In the next 3 years WSOP team tournaments held exclusively at 7-Card Stud: in 1981 the winners were Frank Cardone and Juanda Matthews (prizes of 7800 dollars.), 1982: David Sklansky and Danny Kelly (in 8800 USD) in 1983:. family couple Donna and Jim homes (10 thousand dollars)…

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