The first WSOP team tournament

Recently in an interview on the French radio broadcast RMC Poker Show WSOP director of the Caesars Entertainment’s, Gregory Shoshone, said that the schedule of events WSOP 2016 team tournaments will appear again.

Despite the fact that the details of the news is not yet known, however, in poker circles for walks unofficial information that the teams in the tournament will include 2 to 4 players, each of which will have to pay an entrance fee in 1000 dollars. USA.

This news greatly excited the poker community since the last similar event at the WSOP was carried out 33 years ago. Team tournaments in 7-Card Stud entered the WSOP schedule in 1979, when the legendary Doyle Brunson joined forces with Darla Brodie to win 1 of 10 of their championship gold WSOP bracelet.

And with new games released each month, there is always more reason to keep coming back and checking out the latest developments.In those days, the WSOP attendance was significantly lower than the present, and therefore for the tournament with a buy-in of $ 600. first prize in 4500 dollars. It was quite common. In 1980, the first and only (so far) just held No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Mixed Doubles tournament with a buy-in of $ 600, which was won by the players duet. AJ Meyers and Lynn Harvey, each of which received a 7380 dollars. In the next 3 years WSOP team tournaments held exclusively at 7-Card Stud: in 1981 the winners were Frank Cardone and Juanda Matthews (prizes of 7800 dollars.), 1982: David Sklansky and Danny Kelly (in 8800 USD) in 1983:. family couple Donna and Jim homes (10 thousand dollars)…

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Dmitry Urbanowicz won the EPT Main Event 2016 in Dublin

Upon Sunday evening, handed the primary occasion XII Sequence period competitions inside Regal Dublin neighborhood (associated with Regal the actual Dublin Culture) the actual PokerStars the actual EPT within Dublin, successful that received an expert participant through Belgium, Dmitry Urbanowicz, granted the actual name associated with “Player associated with 2015” based on the Western Online poker Visit. Within the XI period Mr. Urbanowicz, worth displaying themself in a variety of competitions Higher Roller, stated their very first triumph in the primary occasion from the EPT event. This season, in order to earn the very first reward within the 561, nine hundred pounds he’d in order to defeat 605 rivals.

This season, Mr. Urbanowicz challenger heads-up for any 27-year-old novice, college student as well as DJ through Indonesia, Gilles Bernies. Through the online game, he or she had been inhaling and exhaling seriously as well as experienced lengthy considered every following program. Even though Mr. Bernies started heads-up perform having a substantial benefit within the amount of potato chips, however eventually couldn’t endure the actual onslaught associated with talented Shine participant. Within the beginning from the event, Sunday, in the desk sitting 6 finalists.

Soon after several fingers, getting sixth location as well as received the reward associated with 119 450 pounds, the overall game offers remaining the ball player from the UNITED KINGDOM, Rhys Jones, that were able to shed all it’s shares associated with potato chips within a brief period of your time. thirty four fingers later on gathered through the Ancient greek participant Ilios Kamatakisom, a set of nines dropped in order to a set of females Mr. Barniesa, as well as he’d in order to depart the overall game required 5 th location as well as obtained the reward associated with 152 six hundred pounds. Several fingers later on, Mr. Bernies, through good fortune inside a battle along with Mr. Urbanovics, might considerably improve the amount of their own potato chips. The following target Mr. Berniesa dropped Irish participant, Meat Clark, since the set gathered all of them deuces washed out from the history associated with 3 females gathered prosperous German born. Mr. Clark visited the actual fourth location along with a reward associated with 193 650 pounds. Within the following submission from the participant in the UNITED KINGDOM Callie Sidhu, getting _ design associated with minds as well as sixes proceeded to go all-in. He or she stated Mr. Bernies, that experienced a set of fives. The actual washout arrived 7, the actual 4 along with a jack port about the change — deuce about the water — deuce.

Ultimately, Mr. Sidhu required third location, that he or she depended reward associated with two hundred and fifty three hundred pounds. In the beginning associated with heads-up percentage associated with advantages in order to Mr. Berniesa within the quantity of potato chips had been four to at least one. Nevertheless, because of the mixture of the directly, 2 sets of the greatest as well as time for you to unravel the actual stone cold bluff the actual challenger, Mr. Urbanowicz grabbed the actual effort within the online game as well as draws forward. Next, the actual guide many times handed in one towards the additional finalists. About the 156 hands the actual destiny from the event had been lastly resolved. Mr. Bernies having a woman along with a 7 proceeded to go all-in, as well as Mr. Urbanowicz, that experienced a set of nobleman, he or she instantly responded. The actual washout arrived 7, 4 as well as 5, about the change — 9, about the water — 9. Because 2 sets gathered challenger had been much better, therefore Mr. Bernies required second location, that he or she obtained the reward associated with 349 eight hundred pounds.

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Bloody crimes in Kenya casinos

In the Kenyan capital casino player, who refused to grant a loan, killed two employees of gambling establishments. After that, an angry crowd at the casino building killed him.
According to local media reports, yesterday morning in the capital of Tanzania, Nairobi visitor, who called himself John MakHanga, was furious after the gaming machine in the facility City View Bar and Restaurant has lost 30 thousand shillings (300 US dollars).

In order to win back the loss MakHanga asked the casino employees to give him credit, however, they turned him down. According to witnesses, before leaving the player places an angry argument with the girl-dealer Vindfred Mbuvi (Winfred Mbuvi). Some time later John MakHanga returned to the room with a cold weapon, something like a dagger or sword Somali (photo).

According to the head of the local police Japheth Kum (Japheth Koome), MakHanga attacked Ms. Mbuvi and demanded the issuance of credit. Another casino employee named James Lute tried to defend his colleague and was the second victim of a crazed killer. Another employee of the gambling establishment Kevin Ogada also wanted to stop the perpetrator, but MakHanga struck him stab wounds, after which the players who were at this time in the casino, drove the madman of the institution. The visitors casino pursued MakHanga and on the street, where an angry crowd began to throw stones at him . Police Chief says that at the time of arrival on the scene of the authorities, John MakHanga was already dead.

Casino Worker Kevin Ogada is now in a local hospital in stable condition. Street violence against the killer gambling establishment will not allow employees to learn the true causes of such inappropriate behavior John MakHanga.

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6 Ways You Give Yourself Away in a Poker Game

6 Ways You Give Yourself Away in a Poker Game 

When you are playing a poker game it can be tempting to wish for a pair of X-ray glasses, or a special mirror that shows you your opponents’ hand. Or even that camera they use at televised poker tournaments to show the audience what is going on. But this is, of course, not possible. And you may be surprised to learn that you don’t even need these devices. When you focus on the subtle tells you and others give away, you get a boost and a bigger chance of winning the poker games you enter. Take a close look at yourself and watch out if you are doing these six things to give away your hand:poker-game

  1. The Way You Stack Your Chips

Keep your chips neat and ordered in uniform piles and people assume you are a conservative player, not going to take many risks. On the other hand, if your chips are disorganised and all over the table, you are probably going to vary your play and take bigger risks.

  1. You Act Nervous

When you have a strong hand you often unconsciously tense your body, lean forward, and act nervous. Sometimes these actions are carried out on purpose to try and distract people from the actual hand you have. Acting nervous at a critical point is usually a sign that you have a strong hand.


  1. Your Breathing Gives You Away

When you breathe more shallowly, or you are consciously trying to stop yourself breathing loudly, others may interpret this as having a weak hand. Any change in breathing, which is largely unconscious, can be a sign of a strong or weak hand. You may not be able to fully control your breathing but you can prevent it from being noticeable to other players.

  1. You Put Your Hand Over Your Mouth

When someone does this they almost always have a bad hand in Poker, and they are consciously or unconsciously covering their mouth so they do not betray this fact. It is also usually a sign of a poor hand when a person cannot look another in the eye.

  1. You Look At Your Chips

This is usually an unconscious tell but when you look at your chips and then look away, you are giving a signal that you are ready to bet. It also is noticeable when you look at an opponent’s chips and then look away.

  1. You Are Too Nice

Acting too friendly to an opponent after he bets is probably an indication that you don’t want them to challenge you, and on the other hand if you become more unfriendly you are looking for the other person to challenge your bets.

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